Growth Group | Accounting for Musicians

We believe the arts are valuable to society and that artists can make a prosperous living when loving their craft.

At Growth Group we specialize in accounting for musicians. We LOVE music, and our love for musicians and singers nationwide is our reason for existence. We help musicians with the financial side of business. Our services will have an impact not just to on the finances, but also on you! Whether you’re looking for tax help for your music business, or payroll for bands. Just ask!

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will build a customized accounting package just for you. If you have any questions your taxes as a musician, bookkeeping for bands, or even royalty payment questions, give us a shout.

Your privacy is important, while you want to be famous for the music you have created, we are not looking to build our reputation on yours. For this reason, you can guarantee we will keep your identity hushed and no one will know we’ve worked on the taxes or finances for your band. Unless of course your want to share Growth Group with your friends.

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