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PayPal Locked My Account

PayPal’s reason for limiting my account? The recent spike in sales this past week from my accounting business. Here I am trying to run an accounting firm, and I can not pay for anything! Not even a tank of gas was allowed using my PayPal business debit card (at the pump is where the PayPal […]

Don’t C-Inc. Your Business

Company, Inc. or whatever your chosen business name isn’t worth the cost of maintaining and incorporating as a C-corporation. I’ve recently spoken with numerous small business owners, including record labels who were previously advised to open a Delaware C-corp, bad idea. C-Inc. (I made this up but pronounce it “sink”) is not a great idea […]

3 F’s of Starting A Business

“The Best Mistake I Ever Made” was the local panel discussion sponsored by Inc. I attended last night. I met a bunch of entrepreneurs who are in the 3F stage, friends, family, and free. I consider this stage to be market research because it provides you confidence in your product, service, or latest single, but […]

Paper Chasers and Stackers

I don’t like paper, but you keep chasing paper and stacking it. Well, that’s great! But, then what do you do with the paper you’ve stacked? Paper, is a term for money it is also used often in the hip-hop and rap music genres. But, instead of talking about making money in the music business, […]

Don’t Delay, It Will Hurt More

Three new customers, 11 non-filed tax returns dating back 4 years, and it’s going to cost them. Staying on top of your finances is crucial to your business success. Forgetting or regretting filing a tax return can get you in more of a financial pinch. Here are a few tips to get you started: Ask […]