Growth Group | Accounting for Musicians

A Few of My Favorite Things

Growth Group is a paperless accounting firm, so we use a lot of cloud products to service our artists. I heart my Apple products, so I approve each of these tools as iPhone or iPad friendly, and typically use them daily.

Xero is truly “beautiful” accounting software I use to keep Growth Group’s business records and use it for all of our artists’ bookkeeping. In my opinion, it is much more user-friendly than Quickbooks, and well suited for service businesses. allows your customers to pay you securely online and quickly for an affordable price. You can also pay your backup singers/dancers, or band members using direct deposit. If you are having trouble keeping up with who still owes you a down payment for a gig or services you provide this tool can help.

Receipt Bank keeps all business receipts in one organized place. We aren’t missing any tax deductions over here! I’m certainly tired of paper receipts, this is why I snap ’em and toss them out. With Receipt Bank I can take a photo from my iPhone or iPad send it using the App where it can later be integrated to Xero.

DocuSign cuts down on time sending contracts, and reduces the time it takes all parties to sign and get the ball rolling with the good stuff. Paper contracts can be just as time consuming as paper purchase receipts. For that reason, we request electronic signatures when signing tax returns and services agreements.

Sharefile is an online file sharing tool that we use at Growth Group to store all of our customer files. With this tool important tax returns and forms, financial statements, and contracts are securely available to download at your leisure. Everything you need without having to call your accountant to ask “Can you send me…”

I also really love The Musicianship  which is a non-profit organization that provides music lessons, experiences and opportunities for at-risk youth in the DC metro area, primarily through after-school and summer programs. Going beyond musical instruction, recitals offer students the unique experience to develop their discipline, accountability, self-esteem and overall accomplishment. For this reason, Growth Group is supporting Dianne’s Recital on August 7, 2013, join us!