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Automated Everything

“Our Menu Options Have Changed”

This is a phrase you often hear from automated call centers when calling to contact a company. I believe customer service is all about a genuine connection. Those connections bring about increased profits for your business, better relationships with your customers, and a work environment where you’re happy to work.

Automated voice systems have replaced many of the live phone operators. Maybe automation is good for the business’s bottom line (profit), but what about the customers?

I prefer to speak with a real person, in real-time, live when I need assistance. Therefore, I will often purchase a product or service when the company has great customer care and stick with them for this reason.

For example, I was a T-Mobile customer from 2004-2011 and I really liked their level of service. I switched to another carrier (who shall remain nameless, for now) from 2011-2013 and the only reason I stayed that long was due to the 2-year contract I had signed. I’m now right back with my original cell phone carrier, mainly because they always treated me with respect and made it easy to speak with an actual person.

The majority of the e-mails you receive from me are sent to you only, they aren’t automated. When you call Growth Group in Maryland, you will often hear me say, “Hi, this is Alexis…” and it will remain that way. I really enjoy talking to our customers and I hope y’all feel the same way. Although I’m an accountant, I’m personable and hopefully make it easy to communicate with me.

Personalizing your business’s services may take a bit of additional time, but it is well worth the pay off of loyal, happy customers.