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Call Me: Communication Advice From An Accountant


Over 25 e-mails were exchanged between myself and only one customer over the course of 2 days. This issue was something that deserved better communication, I soon realized, when it started to bother me.

Expect a phone call. For me, communicating with customers is personal, and e-mail doesn’t always cut it. It is easy for important connections to get lost somewhere in the shuffle with all of the modern technology and new ways to keep in touch. E-mail messages do not require a quick response and are by meant to be slow communications. Essentially, you are allowing them to take deep consideration into what was sent, giving them time to review the message and draft their thorough response.

We aren’t all phone people, I can respect that. However, much like a fire engine coming through traffic with sirens blaring and lights flashing, you should make exceptions and put your preferences to the side for the most important things.

“I haven’t been able to sleep” is what the customer told me when I finally called him (hence the reason he’d sent me SO many e-mails). I had no idea my message had such an impact. During our phone call this issue was easily resolved and I’m sure he’ll sleep much more soundly tonight.

My advice to him for the future: Call Me.

How is your message being received by your staff, partners, and customers? In what ways can you make better communication decisions in your business?


Photo: “The Pixie and Bollard outside the Cathedral” by Gareth Williams