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23 Things To Do To When You’re Not on Tour

  Make sure to bookmark this page, so you can attempt to do one of these items a day for the next month, or you can wait until you get off tour and have some time off (Heck, or if you’re in some small town where there’s nothing else you can find to do). You’ll […]

Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first. A part of all you earn, is yours to keep. Before you pay the landlord, Verizon (or T-mobile), the electricity, gas, and cable companies, the grocer, the department store, your car note, or insurance, pay yourself. For Christmas this year, I received a book from my big brother (he knows me very […]

The REAL Cost of Recording an Album

Music production comes at a hefty cost for recording artists. RZA from Wu-Tang Clan chimed about the costs of recording an album during Wu-Tang Clan interview with Bloomberg on November 25, 2014 by saying: “If there’s a cost, then you’re trying to recoup your costs and you’re trying to make a profit on your costs. […]

How top performing recording studios get paid faster

As accountants specializing in music businesses, we work with recording studios and audio engineers. There’s a difference between those making it big and those that are just making it, so we found out what separates those two groups and are sharing the things you need to think about if you’re serious about growing your studio. […]

How much money have you wasted selling CDs?

  CDs were introduced in 1982. It’s now 34 years later and your fans aren’t buying them anymore. Instead, they are listening to music digitally. Don’t lie, you are too! You spent months developing, recording, and marketing your album. Thousands of dollars were spent on disc duplication, and having CDs pressed, for fans who are […]