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Music Copyright & Royalty Basics

A little over a month ago a great music consultant, Suzanne Paulinski let me know she found the info here useful for her clients. Cool, right? So, I took the liberty of stalking her doing research about all the stuff she’s doing at The Rock/Star Advocate. We’ll just call her THE Gladiator and you’ll have […]

Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first. A part of all you earn, is yours to keep. Before you pay the landlord, Verizon (or T-mobile), the electricity, gas, and cable companies, the grocer, the department store, your car note, or insurance, pay yourself. For Christmas this year, I received a book from my big brother (he knows me very […]

Before You Audition Your First Employee

Whether you’re hiring a keyboardist for your band, an audio engineer for your recording studio, or an A&R for your record label, the job description is only the first step. Before you hold auditions for the first employee for your music business, here’s what to do: ♩ Get an employer tax ID number, before you hire […]

Know Numbers, Know Business

I don’t know my business, if I don’t know my numbers. Stacks of cash sitting in my bank account aren’t the only important numbers. I need to know about profit, do I have it and is it enough? Profit represents what is left over after you’ve paid bills, your team (including yourself), and all of […]

4 Tips to Avoid Blowing Your Music Royalty Advance

If you’re expecting an advance royalty check for writing a song or for signing to a record label, the worst thing you can do is mismanage it and wind up with no money to take care of yourself later. As accountants for musicians and others in the music industry, we’ve spotted a few ways you can […]