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3 Tips for Starting a New Music Businesses

You’ve a just announced your starting a new music venture. But, there’s more to be done to ensure you’re able to last past this time next year. How can you successfully manage your band, recording studio, or record label to ensure long-term financial sustainability? Growth Group offers a few easy tips for starting your new […]

Do Yourself A Favor

“Do yourself a favor and work with Growth Group for your accounting needs,” is Chelsey‘s advice to musicians, producers, and artists. And Chelsey should know. After some issues with a tax accountant unfamiliar with the music industry, Chelsey Green began her search for a tax professional she could trust. She had a unique challenge of being a […]

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Keeping Track of Your Music Business Finances

One of the questions, I’m frequently asked by musicians, whether singer/songwriter, guitarist, or percussionist is about how to keep track of the money made and the money spent in their music business. Whether making money playing shows or spending money traveling to performances, musicians and other artists should keep good records. Glad you asked! Keep […]

Conquer Your Limitations, Build A Team

Growing up my dad drove a black 1994 Ford Ranger, with manual transmission. The one with the extended cab where the 2 “extra” seats folded out like a manila folder. While on the highway, my dad let me shift the stick. I knew what the engine sounded like when it was my turn to take […]

3 Reasons Why I Hate Tax Refunds

Tax refunds, some treat them like an extra payday, others consider them a savings account. I hate tax refunds. I bet you are wondering why? The IRS announced no refunds! Plus, I’ll give you 3 other reasons why I hate income tax refunds: 1. No Interest on Tax Refunds Neither the IRS or states pay interest […]