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4 tips to create a hit in music business

The music business is tough. Without a target, you can not create a hit. You simply do not know what you are aiming for. (Check out this post about setting realistic “hits” called Target Practice, and watch me shoot!) Creating a hit in music involves more than just your art and talent. Many musicians do […]

iPhone Apps Help Musicians Take Care of Business

iPhone apps make life a bit easier, especially for artists in the music industry. I’ve been using an iPhone for Growth Group now for 3 years! In that time, I’ve come across a few iPhone apps that make a musicians career manageable. I’ve covered why I love the companies behind these music business iPhone apps […]

Competeing Dreams

So, you want to be a musician, but you are pursuing an education in accounting? Why is that? Can you do both and still be happy? Your career dreams do not have to be in competition with each other. I was asked a similar question by a Towson University accounting student recently. The student was […]

Discount Danger

Deals, discounts, and dead giveaways are often used by new businesses to get the word out about their business. Other than the 3F’s of business, this next round of customers can be detrimental to business growth unless handled carefully. Beware of The Discounters… Doubt Your fears are holding you back if you are discounting because you […]

Blending Is For Artists, Not Accounts

Open a separate business checking account. Whether you are operating your business as a sole proprietor or LLC you must keep your personal and business finances separate, don’t blend them. Many new business owners pay for business expenses and receive business income directly in their personal bank accounts, this is bad news. How can you […]