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How much money have you wasted selling CDs?

  CDs were introduced in 1982. It’s now 34 years later and your fans aren’t buying them anymore. Instead, they are listening to music digitally. Don’t lie, you are too! You spent months developing, recording, and marketing your album. Thousands of dollars were spent on disc duplication, and having CDs pressed, for fans who are […]

One Month Left Until The 2014 International Music Conference

For the first time this year, Growth Group will be attending and sponsoring the International Music Conference (IMC) held in Atlanta, GA on September 13, 2014. Plus, our very own Alexis Kimbrough will be a speaker on the “Handle Your Business” panel discussion. What is the International Music Conference? IMC is one of the only […]

Do Yourself A Favor

“Do yourself a favor and work with Growth Group for your accounting needs,” is Chelsey‘s advice to musicians, producers, and artists. And Chelsey should know. After some issues with a tax accountant unfamiliar with the music industry, Chelsey Green began her search for a tax professional she could trust. She had a unique challenge of being a […]

recording studio engineers employees or contactors

Are Recording Studio Engineers Employees or Contractors? (Part 3)

This is part 3 (the finale) of a series on how to classify recording studio engineers as workers, here’s part 1 and part 2 in case you missed them. Each part of the series answers one question and provides guidance to help you decide whether your engineers are employees. If your recording studio is paying audio engineers, specializing in […]

Songwriting publishing deals bad for business

Songwriting Publishing Deals Are Bad Business

“Publishing deals are for broke songwriters.” This is what a grammy-nominated songwriter told me last week, while discussing what the music industry has taught her over the years. As her accountant, all I can do is smile and agree, here’s why: 1. Advance Royalties are Like High-Interest Loans For example, a publisher gives you a […]