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Introducing: Uncover Music Mondays

UMM… So you say you’re tired of hearing the same 7 songs on repeat on your local radio station? Me too! That’s why I’m always on the hunt for “new” music. For me, new includes any musician that I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing “uncovered” before. Uncovered music, for me, requires the artist produce […]

Be A Quitter… Eventually.

You have started a small business that you are passionate about, but you are still working full-time to pay the bills? At what point do you hang up the “secure” gig and take the risk of being a full-time entrepreneur? I was talking to my oldest brother today while driving home from the office (Yes, […]

Competeing Dreams

So, you want to be a musician, but you are pursuing an education in accounting? Why is that? Can you do both and still be happy? Your career dreams do not have to be in competition with each other. I was asked a similar question by a Towson University accounting student recently. The student was […]

Jerome Collins Taught Me This

One of the 10 band members was suddenly on the floor during tonight’s show at The Wolf Trap Filene Center, after one of the first songs of the night. No, he didn’t trip or have a wardrobe malfunction. I’d call it stress or exhaustion, maybe? Okay, maybe he was dehydrated. After all, each of the […]

Challenge FAILED!

I woke up at 5 AM in a panic. See, I decided to take a “nap” around 7 and I would blog soon thereafter for my 30-day challenge. FAIL! WordPress (where my site is hosted) even allows you to backdate a post (time and date). I thought about doing this to “save face” so it […]