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how to get maximum exposure from a free music gig

How To Turn A FREE Gig Into Maximum Exposure

Have you have ever been asked to play a show for free? Has your band ever been told by an organization that they “don’t have a budget” or that their budget is really small… or that they didn’t budget music into the equation?  If a bar or venue owner has ever said to you, “This […]

Best Credit Card for Musicians

You’ve probably heard the BEWARE messages and read countless articles online telling you NOT to get credit cards. I agree, the majority of musicians shouldn’t use credit cards, because you’ll abuse them and wind up in a bad financial situation. However, if you chose to use to there is a best credit card for musicians […]

Here’s how I negotiated a musician out of paying IRS penalty fees

Here’s how I negotiated a musician out of $1,560 of penalties from the IRS for not filing their tax return on time. This was the first year this band had set themselves up as a business,. There “old” CPA set up a corporation for them and then ditched town so they simply didn’t file and […]

23 Things To Do To When You’re Not on Tour

  Make sure to bookmark this page, so you can attempt to do one of these items a day for the next month, or you can wait until you get off tour and have some time off (Heck, or if you’re in some small town where there’s nothing else you can find to do). You’ll […]

Pay Yourself First

Pay yourself first. A part of all you earn, is yours to keep. Before you pay the landlord, Verizon (or T-mobile), the electricity, gas, and cable companies, the grocer, the department store, your car note, or insurance, pay yourself. For Christmas this year, I received a book from my big brother (he knows me very […]