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Insurance for music businesses

7 types of insurance for music businesses

  Insurance is meant to protect you and your music business from financial ruin should something happen. Getting insurance coverage doesn’t mean you’re paranoid or wishing things upon yourself, it’s being smart. There are 7 types of insurance every music creator should have, if possible. I’ll let you know why you should have each type, […]

15 ways you destroyed your tax return by filing youself

  Doing your taxes by yourself as an indie artist may seem like a great way to save money by not working with a music accountant. However, here are 15 ways we’ve seen independent musicians ruin their tax return after doing it themselves. These tax time screw ups cost real money, in dollars. #1|| 1099-Misc […]

The REAL Cost of Recording an Album

Music production comes at a hefty cost for recording artists. RZA from Wu-Tang Clan chimed about the costs of recording an album during Wu-Tang Clan interview with Bloomberg on November 25, 2014 by saying: “If there’s a cost, then you’re trying to recoup your costs and you’re trying to make a profit on your costs. […]

Before You Audition Your First Employee

Whether you’re hiring a keyboardist for your band, an audio engineer for your recording studio, or an A&R for your record label, the job description is only the first step. Before you hold auditions for the first employee for your music business, here’s what to do: ♩ Get an employer tax ID number, before you hire […]

How much money have you wasted selling CDs?

  CDs were introduced in 1982. It’s now 34 years later and your fans aren’t buying them anymore. Instead, they are listening to music digitally. Don’t lie, you are too! You spent months developing, recording, and marketing your album. Thousands of dollars were spent on disc duplication, and having CDs pressed, for fans who are […]