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Celebrate your progress

You’ve won a big sale, new contract, or received great feedback? It’s time to celebrate!

As an entrepreneur, you work hard to achieve each win you receive. Try not to fall into the slump of minimizing your efforts. Big or small, each win deserves a reward or acknowledgement. I like to treat myself to spa pedicures when I’ve won by exceeding the expectations of one of our customers, or cookie dough ice cream – depending on the season.

Celebrating your successes should include reflecting on the ‘how’ of the win. What reason brought about your success this time around? Are there portions you can duplicate for your team to add to their next opportunity?

Small business employees should likewise be celebrated for wins they contribute to the company. Maybe you’ll take your team to lunch, or simply write a personalized ‘thank you’ card. Either way, choose to acknowledge the wins your employees make as well. It will improve company moral and will likely follow with their increased desire for more wins.

How do you reward your wins? What type of celebration is big enough to motivate you to continue doing your best every time?