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Challenge FAILED!

I woke up at 5 AM in a panic. See, I decided to take a “nap” around 7 and I would blog soon thereafter for my 30-day challenge. FAIL!

WordPress (where my site is hosted) even allows you to backdate a post (time and date). I thought about doing this to “save face” so it would look as if I had not missed a beat.

The angel on my left shoulder reminded me this is a challenge, so along with it comes difficulty and sometimes failure. In came a lesson, learn from your mistakes.

Today, my mistake is teaching me to blog twice per day! Wait, what?! This will allow me to schedule the posts in case of another oops like this one. So, today I failed and instead of covering it up I’m learning a lesson, because the challenge never called for perfection.

Success and failure are not opposites, in fact the most successful people fail more often because they take more challenges and therefore have more opportunities to get it right.