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Do Yourself A Favor

“Do yourself a favor and work with Growth Group for your accounting needs,” is Chelsey‘s advice to musicians, producers, and artists.

And Chelsey should know. After some issues with a tax accountant unfamiliar with the music industry, Chelsey Green began her search for a tax professional she could trust. She had a unique challenge of being a self-employed indie musician and also an employee, and wanted to work with someone who could help her start from where she was and move forward together.

In addition to being a performing violinist, violist, and artistic director of The Green Project, Chelsey is employed part-time with a performing arts center. After work, Chelsey is pursuing her Doctorate degree, with the goal of teaching strings at the collegiate level.

Violinist Chelsey Green turns to Growth Group for her music taxes and accounting *Photo Courtesy of*

Chelsey Green chooses Growth Group for taxes and accounting for her music business.
*Photo Courtesy of*

Although 2013, was not the first time Chelsey filed taxes as a self-employed musician, she wanted to stay informed of the process. Chelsey turned to Alexis Kimbrough from Growth Group knowing she was already the trusted accountant for other music colleagues.

A rarity, Chelsey had already tallied up all of her receipts and expenses, plus she sent all of her 1099-MISC from venues where she had performed.

Alexis reviewed the tax return with Chelsey line-by-line and provided a clear explanation of tax deductions and write-offs, which highlighted some areas she wants to improve financially. “[I’m] glad to be able to rest comfortably that things are being done efficiently and properly”, says Chelsey.

By choosing our most comprehensive tax filing solution, Chelsey will receive long-term guidance to provide her with a financial net for when she jumps off the cliff to being a full-time performing musician.

Now that she’s got her finances under control, Chelsey is releasing a new album titled “The Green Room” available for pre-order at now, a much anticipated follow-up to her debut EP “Still Green.”

If you’re afraid to face the music regarding your taxes, contact Growth Group because you don’t have to go solo.