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Competeing Dreams

competing career passionsSo, you want to be a musician, but you are pursuing an education in accounting? Why is that? Can you do both and still be happy? Your career dreams do not have to be in competition with each other.

I was asked a similar question by a Towson University accounting student recently. The student was inspired by our decision to specialize in musicians accounting, and intrigued by our passion for music. Conflicted by majoring in accounting but loving music, the student requested my opinion and any tips or advice I could offer.

Here was my (shortened) response:

Accounting is a fabulous field (in my opinion) because every type of business and even every person needs an accountant, so it opens us up to specialize in anything we want, in Growth Group’s case musicians and artists. Any personal endeavors you may have are also worth pursuing, in addition to your accounting major. Whether you choose to be a musicians accountant or a full-time pianist, follow your dreams. This decision will make you the happiest and will benefit your listeners (either businesses or fans) the most. [END]

If an accountant, like Miss USA, can change her career path to begin competing in pageants, you also can pursue your dream. A few of our artists are full-time musicians, making their living from their artistic abilities, while others are pursing their businesses part-time. Either way, they’re dreams are not forced to compete with one another (like dueling pianos) and are not in conflict with each other. Instead, they are marrying their dreams and chasing each of them together.

Regardless of the type of business you are in, what you majored in while attending college, or how wild your dreams may be I advise you all to pursue your passions. Doing this will allow you to create a better world for all of us, because you’ll be happy with what you’ve contributed to it.