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Learn Understand Commit Know

LUCK is a monthly interactive session designed to show music creators which will offer you the opportunity to transform your music career.

Come if you’re ready to:
deviate from the norm in the music industry,
disrupt your thinking about the music business, and
develop your definition of success.

If you’re boring, do us all a favor and stay home. This will be an interactive experience, so bring your brain.

Do you think a successful music career is a result of luck? If so, you’ll be pleased to know, you’re right! We’ve redefined luck to what it really means in the music business:

Learn Understand Commit Know

There aren’t any shortcuts to “making it” in the music industry. So, you owe yourself a chance to succeed by learning, understand, committing, and knowing the industry – all the way from dreaming it to lasting in it.

Shaine Freeman, Beth B. Moore, and Alexis Kimbrough as they show you through an interactive session how to plan your music dream before you blow your gold!

Come and discover the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Performers as told by these music geniuses.


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Shaine Freeman

After losing millions of dollars along with several multi-platinum and GRAMMY® Award winning accolades because he thought that doing business would stifle his creativity, Shaine Freeman has the blessed privilege of helping others avoid the pitfalls he experienced.

As a successful magazine publisher, writer, and music entrepreneur Shaine is known for calling out artists and challenging their ways of thinking. In articles such as “I Love Music”… No You Don’t! You Want to Get Paid & Be Heard, So Quit Lying to Yourself and Everyone Else” Shaine provides advice to artists’ nationwide on how to handle your business first in the entertainment industry.

At this LUCK Event, Shaine will be sharing how to earn a living with a music career and challenging artists to be smart business people and avoid mistakes in crafting their career. Learn more about Shaine and the awesome information he shares through I Am Entertainment Magazine and The Miews Podcast.


Beth B. Moore

Fueled entirely by her desire to have an up-close and personal relationship with her clients Beth Moore counsels from a “boots on the ground” perspective. Plus, Beth knows life in the music industry is not as easy as it looks, brought on from her active role as manager of Atlanta’s country/rock act “The Law Band.”

As an entertainment attorney, Beth has first-hand knowledge of how bands operate as a closely held small business, and how the relationship of its members determines everything about the band. She primarily focuses on contracts since a band is very much like a marriage and a business intertwined. Without a contract in place, a relationship is more likely to fall apart, and issues are more likely to arise, especially when money becomes involved.

At this LUCK Event, Beth will be sharing how to be professional and not get messed with by lawyering up. Learn more about Beth and how she’s protecting her clients at The Beth B. Moore Law Firm.


Alexis Kimbrough

After helping billion dollar corporations increase the bottom-line, Alexis Kimbrough became burdened with the lack of fulfillment. Returning to her music background, she dedicated her accounting career to helping music creators make a prosperous living while loving their craft.

Music education made Alexis the accountant she is today, through scholarship and the requirements of developing skill through practice and dedication. She now leads Growth Group, which specializes in music industry accounting.

At this LUCK Event, Alexis will be sharing how to keep the money you earn from your music and TaxReLeaf™ tips. Learn more about Alexis and how her clients at Growth Group are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars as full-time musicians.

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