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Not that loud, screeching, noise coming from the speakers at a concert, but the reaction you get from your customers. Feedback is important to improve your business approach, including distancing yourself if needed.

Audio feedback mostly occurs when the signal from the microphone is amplified through the loudspeaker. This event produces an uncomfortable loud squeal or screech, causing a negative reaction for everyone who hears.

This often happens similarly in business. A negative customer or fan review, a tough critic rating, or a displeased client project their feedback to a large audience. Potential fans, other current customers, and even your internal circle (including employees, contractors, and freelancers) hear the noise and all leave with a new view of your established business.

Automation is popular, but not always the best option. What if you left all of your processes in the hands of a computer? What type of performance would you have? Would your customers be pleased with what they invested in you?

Play the role of a sound engineer for you business. Be sensitive to the sounds your customers are delivering through their frequency before it turns into uncomfortable feedback. Listen to their needs and what they value about your performance, product, or service. Respond accordingly and professionally and this will produce deliberate use of positive feedback for the future.