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Jerome Collins Taught Me This

One of the 10 band members was suddenly on the floor during tonight’s show at The Wolf Trap Filene Center, after one of the first songs of the night. No, he didn’t trip or have a wardrobe malfunction. I’d call it stress or exhaustion, maybe? Okay, maybe he was dehydrated. After all, each of the band members in Straight No Chaser were wearing blazers and black pants on a hot summer night in Virginia.

So back to Jerome fainting on stage… I thought the fall was part of the act, but soon found out otherwise when all of the members stopped singing to cater to him. He somehow shook off the issue and walked offstage.

The great part about all of this, Jerome was back less than a song later singing with his boys. He barely missed a beat. He could have chosen to “milk” the fall and disappoint long-time fans, friends, and new listeners (like me), but he didn’t.


He took a bit of time to recover from the fall, got up, and started signing again because he is dedicated to his music business.  His passion for music and performing was shown tonight.

[pl_modal title=”Straight No Chaser” label=”Hear Straight No Chaser”][/pl_modal] (and Jerome telling us he’s okay).

How have you show dedication in your business? Are you passionate enough about your customers and dreams to continue your performance even if you’re tired or worn out?

Thanks ‘Straight No Chaser’ for a fabulous show this evening, I love musicians. Tonight was my first time hearing you live, I was invited by a co-worker and I’m glad I saw the show. With your vocal talent, I was definitely “Under the Influence.”