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Kick in the Ask

I was terrified to answer a question that a customer asked me three months ago. I had failed to deliver a service that had been agreed upon. I was embarrassed. He had delivered me a smooth kick in the ask.

Kick in the Ask, I define as a question from a customer that causes an uncomfortable or painful feeling, followed by efforts to move forward.

My failure to deliver caused a positive change in our business, at Growth Group. We now have a process in place that ensures our customers expectations are exceeded.

The key to learning from my service delivery failure was evaluation. Much like when we were in school from K–12 and beyond, we were given constant feedback. Remember the progress reports and report cards? We have now moved that concept into the Growth Group business model.

Entrepreneurs, like yourself, aren’t perfect. After all:
“Perfect doesn’t mean flawless. Perfect means it does exactly what I need it to do.” –Seth Godin

Have you ever failed, or not delivered? What did you do differently to ensure that same mistake was not going to happen to you again?

Now, not only have I changed, but Growth Group is better because of it. We’re over here doing exactly what you need us to do.