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Let’s Be Real

I pulled up next to a white convertible at a traffic light in DC this evening. The man enjoying his music and dancing, was wearing a baseball cap. His choice of music was fast, with heavy bass influences, staccato beats, and included numerous syllables per bar, it was rap. The Volkswagen Beetle he was driving did not fit his look and this man was genuinely trying to ensure no one thought it belonged to him.

You must be authentic regardless of what environment surrounds you, as a business owner. Customers, suppliers, marketers, listeners, and others may attempt to change your strategy, values, or vision, but many of these things make up why you started your business.

I have been told to add tax deductions I knew were not warranted, beef up the numbers, and turn a blind eye to customers’ businesses. As an accountant and tax professional, I do not stand for those things.  Instead, I choose to educate entrepreneurs about their options and show them ways to get their desired results in the future.

I’m staying true to my values, morals, ethics this way and also helping the customer reach their aspiration in the right way.