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How We Got Started

PageLines- NotesBG.jpgAccountant for the Music Industry

Growth Group is an accounting firm dedicated to creative artists working in the fields of music and entertainment, fine arts, photography, and design.

Growth Group’s team includes outstanding music accounting specialists who collectively bring over 15 years experience in entertainment and music accounting, and entrepreneur tax and bookkeeping in the US.

We work with our artists on a monthly basis to assist with managing the financial side of their artistic businesses. We assist with musician taxes, record keeping, accounting,  coaching, and music contract review.

Growth Group also provides music business financial coaching and resources for emerging artists through online consultation and workshops.

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How We Began This Journey

Alexis M. Kimbrough, a true musicians accountant, founded AMKtax in 2008 during her senior year at Howard University, in Washington, DC. In August of 2012, the company changed its name to Growth Group. During the beginning stages, Growth Group focused on PG County Maryland income tax preparation for individuals. After inquires from our musician customers needing an accountant, Growth Group expanded the services to include both bookkeeping and accounting services for music entrepreneurs.

We are currently serving musicians nationwide in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington State. Growth Group works with sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC) and corporations.

Advances in technology and the increasing use of it, allow you more access to us as your  music accountant, anytime, in your own way. That’s why Growth Group utilizes a paperless accounting  approach. You can contact us through call, text, e-mail, social media, fax, video messaging. You even have access to all of your important music business or personal tax documents in one place via your secure online storage. Growth Group can be the financial adviser for your music business and provide access to your music company finances via Xero all from our location in Maryland.

Every creative artist needs an accountant

Artistic business financial services are essential regardless of the size of the business. Therefore, Growth Group can assist any musician, photographer, designer, contractor, MLM or IBO, consultant,, self-employed, or home based business owner to make a profit and reduce taxes at an affordable price.

Help our communities grow

Growth Group believes in social responsibility and stays involved in the local communities by volunteering to help low-income individuals and families receive every tax benefit, deduction, credit, and write-off available to them.

Education is essential

Learning never stops and Growth Group gets to know your music business, this way we can help you learn about business finances. We also keep up with current tax laws, registration and license requirements, and music and royalty accounting rules so you don’t have to! With each of these together, we’re able to provide accounting you can understand and use to make a profit in your artistic business.

Because we value education, Growth Group supports musicianship because we believe participation in fine arts gives students an advantage in school.

Lead Accountant and Founder

PageLines- AlexisBW.jpegFrom: Kansas, but I’m “not in Kansas anymore”…

I have 6 siblings!

Alexis Kimbrough is an accountant and handles bookkeeping and taxes, and when you get financial statements each month, you can be sure they were reviewed by her first. When she’s not talking with clients, blogging, stalking you on social media, or spreading the word about Growth Group, she’s probably repairing an iPhone, watching Shark Tank, walking her lab “DC”, or attending a concert.

Without music, Alexis wouldn’t be where she is today as an accountant. Music took her to college in Washington, DC where the music scholarship helped pay for her accounting degree. “Showtime” even gave her the opportunity to perform internationally, with thousands in the audience. This is why she loves musicians, artists, and entertainers – because that is who she is.

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