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Not A Great Driver

You would not want me to be the driver in front of you on a busy street parallel parking my Suzuki. The parking space between the cars is large enough to fit an Excursion, but I can’t quite get my compact car to fit.

I am terrible at backing my car in and out parking spaces probably because most of my driving is done going forward. However, I’ve decided to learn a new skill and change things up a bit. For that reason, I’ve challenged myself to back into my parking space daily at the office building and I’ll eventually get better, right?

There is room for personal and professional growth that each of us can achieve. Whether your success involves actively gaining new customers you can make a difference for or learning the wonders of putting your car in reverse, to get there we must stretch beyond our comfort zone.

It has been 9 days since I accepted my own challenge of blogging daily (for at least 30 days). My goal is to be comfortable writing out the thoughts I have which could be helpful to other small business owners. If you have ever spoken to me in person, I can be long-winded, so my goal here to be succinct, informative, concise and occasionally entertaining for you.

Be brave and challenge your typical ways of doing things. It can be uncomfortable, but how can you or your business grow if you aren’t willing to change? Make sure to document what you learn, there’s no victory to a challenge unless there’s also a lesson.