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PayPal Locked My Account

PayPal’s reason for limiting my account? The recent spike in sales this past week from my accounting business. Here I am trying to run an accounting firm, and I can not pay for anything! Not even a tank of gas was allowed using my PayPal business debit card (at the pump is where the PayPal card was declined). Talk about inconvenient!

Once I heard the explanation, I was not satisfied, but soon realized in the grand scheme of things, this was a “good problem to have”. I’ll call it #PayPalProblems.

I decided a few weeks ago to re-read “Go For No,” a book I first read last summer after a recommendation by my older brother. Again, I was inspired to apply the principles of the book and have been experiencing a rise in sales (read about my past success with Go For No)!

PayPal security therefore limited my activity on the account, only allowing me to receive income, but not to make any business purchases. Even my regularly scheduled recurring payments for things such as online software, could not be made.

I kindly explained to the PayPal representative that I am an accountant and all of my customers are receiving the services as agreed. I talked to her about how untimely this hold on my account was for business and requested they call me directly in case there are any issues in the future. The PayPal block was lifted within 24 hours, after doing a few security checks online and receiving a follow-up call from PayPal directly.

In short, if you plan to have an increase in business make sure you are ready for any hiccups PayPal might deliver your way. My advice, respond quickly, PayPal was actually very easy to work with after I realized the account was on hold. Thanks PayPal for helping me celebrate the business success by noticing and limiting my account! Back to work…