Growth Group | Accounting for Musicians


Many accounting firms and tax professionals pride themselves on their efficiency. While efficiency has its place, Growth Group places a much higher value on our effectiveness in your business. Let’s look at two alternatives together:

1. Another accountant charges you for their services by the hour. Therefore, the more time it takes them to complete your tax return, management reports, payroll, or to just answer your question – the more money they make. If you choose to buy hours you’ve reached the wrong people, and Growth Group is not for you. Instead, if you’re searching for results, keep reading.
2. At Growth Group you are in charge and will choose a plan and price that is tailored to fit your business. We will discuss your needs with you in detail upfront and cater pricing to fit you specifically, we aren’t bakers so there are not any cookie cutters around here. You set your expectations ahead of time to ensure the ultimate satisfaction with your choice. No surprises!

Our time is not for sale, but what you value certainly is. Like yourself, our customers are small business owners who chose their own pricing, find out how our customers feel about the value of services they received from Growth Group.

Our bundled accounting services provide the most cost savings overall for small business owners, and are available in monthly installments. We offer accounting, payroll, and tax services for businesses of all sizes from sole proprietorships to S-corporations, including partnerships and LLCs.

If you are interested in having a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you today.