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Sales Tax Filing

As a business owner YOU may need to collect sales tax for your products and services!

Most small business products and some services may need to collect sales tax from customers. This can be an administrative burden for a small business owner or entrepreneur. So, if you are unfamiliar with the requirements for collecting sales taxes in your state, Growth Group, in PG County Maryland, can help!

Generally, you must collect sales tax from your customers at the time a sale is made. The following month, quarter, or year, the tax must be sent to your state and/or local taxing authority. The collection of these taxes ARE your responsibility as a business owner.

To make your sales tax compliance easier and less burdensome, consider outsourcing your sales tax compliance to a local Maryland sales tax company. Growth Group will ensure your monthly, quarterly, or annual sales and use tax returns are timely and accurately filed with the appropriate jurisdictions.


We small business. But, it seems many have received notice about sales tax from the state for not registering to collect sales tax. Therefore Growth Group can represent YOU before the Comptroller of Maryland or your Department of Revenue for Voluntary Disclosure. This is a HIGHLY recommended add-on to the small business package. Voluntary Disclosure will potentially save or reduce interest and/or penalties from the state – as long as you agree to pay the back tax and continue following the states taxing laws going forward.

By utilizing Growth Group as your representative, you remain anonymous to the state until after the agreement is accepted by the state.

Have you already begun running your business and making sales to customers? Were you unaware that sales tax needed to be collected and sent to Maryland or your state? If so, you are generally liable for the uncollected sales tax.

To Get started with the Small Business Sales Tax Voluntary Disclosure Contact Growth Group today!

Do you need multiple tax services for your business? If so, ask about all of our available monthly business accounting services.