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Target Practice

Where are you aiming? What do you plan to hit? Setting a target for your business is critical to your ability to reach your goals. Without knowing where to set your aim, you will never hit your target.

It was December 2009 in Las Vegas, NV that I held and shot my first firearm. My palms were sweaty and my hands were trembling, but my buddy would not let me miss the experience. I enjoyed the gun store enough to go back the very next day, and try larger, more powerful M-somethings. I may not have hit the target many times those two days, but I have since improved.

Stretch. Business goals should require you to reach for the next level. If you only reach for a targets you know you can achieve without extra effort, you will not reap the benefits of growth. Set your mark at a destination that causes you to think big!

New. Aiming at the same target, from the same distance, with the same weapon, will likely make you an expert at that specific thing. That’s boring! So, set your long-term goals, crave expansion for your business, and try new experiences, which will broaden your range, ability, and skills – producing marksmanship.

Plan. After setting some new stretch targets, you’ll need a plan. Planning gives you next actions you can take to get closer to your target. If your goals don’t have steps, you’ll remain on the same level.

“A dream without a plan is just a wish” – Katherine Patterson


Focus.  Keeping your target in sight is essential for hitting it. Centralizing your efforts around your target will ensure your business meets your aim. Posting your goals in a prominent place (no concealed carry in business!) will put a spotlight on the mark and contribute to your success.

Create a fun “target” using poster board with each ring representing a different milestone which gets you closer to the bullseye. Let’s see if this causes you to stretch in a new way and improve your focus.