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Sneaky Identity Thieves

Identity theft still exists, except this time they’re after your tax refund!

Think identity theft can never happen to you? Think again. Identity thieves are still out there. Instead of targeting your credit cards, now they are targeting your federal tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service has resolved more than 200,000 identity theft cases already this year, and it is only the beginning of April. Victims can sign a waiver permitting the state law enforcement to take action for fraudulently filed income tax returns. This action is allowed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Many states have had success with catching refund fraud, including Maryland, which has stopped over $61 million in fraudulent refunds since 2007, by dedicating additional resources to the efforts.

Tax refund fraud is real and can take months to rectify. If you have been a victim of identity theft in the past, or believe your taxes are at risk, please contact Growth Group.

For more information about tax identity theft, and the current efforts in place by the IRS, visit:

Only one data breach can cause months or years of additional security measures once you identity has been compromised. Find out below about how data beaches happen and how can you protect yourself!

Data Breach Infographic

Infographic for Data Breach Statistics by LifeLock