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Uncover Music Monday #1: Mellen

This week, Uncover Music Monday opened me up to exploring a different music genre. Folk. I have a thing for acoustic guitar and when coupled with a beautiful voice, I’m stuck! I came across a Georgetown musician, Mellen, while browsing Bandcamp and heard “Nothing Comes To Pass.”

Mary Ellen Funke aka “Mellen” identifies as singing and writing folk music. I can certainly thank her for introducing me to the genre, as I wouldn’t normally have gravitated towards this style of music.

I’m not the only one who is impressed, check out what All Things Music had to say about Mellen’s solo 3-song debut EP, Last The Year which was released August 6.

Congratulations to Mellen on the release of her EP, I really wish her well in her music career and hope to see her live soon!

Love what you heard?! I know, right! Here’s what you could do:

  1. Head over to Bandcamp and purchase Mellen’s debut EP (even though she offers it for FREE, name your own price!)
  2. Like Mellen on Facebook

This is the first of many new music artists I’ll be featuring for Uncover Music Monday (UMM). Let Mellen know what you think of her music in the comments below!