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Uncover Music Monday #2: DIVIDES

This week I “uncovered” an alternative metal band, DIVIDES. This band is has 5 members, and man are they cold (I had too, their band is in Alaska). I often ask people, “What type of music do you like?” The majority say they listen to just about everything. This Uncover Music Monday featuring DIVIDES will prove to me if you’re telling the truth.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I uncovered DIVIDES’ music? Twitter! Growth Group is fairly new to tweeting, but I found an article about 5 tips for keeping your music gear safe on tour by Clyde Smith posted by Madalyn Sklar and saw a reply from the band saying they love the Hypebot site.

Naturally, I clicked through to see what the “hype” was about and later checked out DIVIDES website. Their site took me to SoundCloud, where I heard “Chemicals” a sort of break up song wrapped in biology class with terms like melatonin that this music accountant forgot after high school.

To keep up with DIVIDES, you could do these things:

1. Head over to iTunes and download DIVIDES music (“Chemicals” is in my playlist).

2. Fan DIVIDES on Facebook

3. Follow DIVIDES on Twitter

4. Watch DIVIDES on YouTube

5. They even have a newsletter to keep you informed check out DIVIDES online to sign up


What new music did you uncover this week? Are you exploring new music genres that you haven’t before?