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Introducing: Uncover Music Mondays


UMM… So you say you’re tired of hearing the same 7 songs on repeat on your local radio station? Me too! That’s why I’m always on the hunt for “new” music.

For me, new includes any musician that I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing “uncovered” before. Uncovered music, for me, requires the artist produce an original creation, not simply a great cover of another singers’ popular jam (once again going back to the replay of those same 7 songs).

Sometimes, I may find the music from an “old” album and other times I may find a recording artists’ latest EP or mixtape. Either way, it’s new to me and you’ll find it every week on Uncover Music Mondays (UMM)!

Beginning Monday, September 16, 2013 right here at Growth Group, I will review my first UMM artist that has entered my playlist over the past week.

Uncovering Music

There is no shortage of talented musicians in the US, and internationally. Unfortunately, most of them rarely have get their music heard. Probably because the rest of us aren’t looking, we are lazy and just accept whatever is on the radio rotation. I challenge you to also look to uncover new artists and include them in your ears.

Uncover Musicians on Bandcamp

There are SO many musicians who post their music on Bandcamp, sometimes for FREE! What better way to discover new music and also get it without paying for it?! While I think artist should charge something for their music, if their offering free samples, you can easily uncover new music daily! Here’s how to uncover new music using Bancamp:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Choose “Discover” from the menuuncover new music on bandcamp



Step 3: Click “browse by tags” over there on the right sideUncover new music by tags on bandcampStep 4: Choose your desired music genre or find local musicians by choosing tagged locations!


How have you uncovered new music?

Photo: “Untitled” by Matthew G