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Why We Won’t Work With You

Will you make the cut?

I don’t like stress, anxiety, or heart palpitations. Those ♥ problems started just after my 22nd birthday, and I refuse to allow them to return. The culprit? Stress.

At Growth Group, I protect my team like I protect my heart. For this reason, I’m particular about which music businesses we work with. Only about 1 out of every 10 people that contact us ever receive our services.

Growth Group Customer Auditions

I am honored to have the opportunity to work with some amazing people in the music industry. They are doing some really impressive work, being philanthropic, and changing their communities with the music they create. When you decide you want to work with us, reach out! Just understand that after we receive your request, the audition process begins.

Here’s the profile of the 9 who didn’t make the cut:

  1.  Disappearing Donna, didn’t reply to e-mails or return phone calls. Curtain closed!
  2.  Emergency Emily needed everything immediately, on Saturday or Sunday. Her emergency was preceded by her hanging out with Donna. Um, it’s the weekend, baby!
  3. Lying Larry. Need I explain?
  4. Timeless Tim missed meetings or was always late after he said that was the perfect time. Cut!
  5. Broke Bill wanted the highest quality for the lowest price (or free). That’s an oxymoron.
  6. Know-it-all Katie thought she had everything figured out, what, when, why, and how… so what did she need us for?
  7. Technology Tina wanted to pay us by check, send her paperwork through the mail, and sign using a pen. Ma’am, there’s an app for that.
  8. Priority Peter didn’t get anything done. He procrastinated, creating penalties for his music business and affecting his profits. Problem!
  9. Clean-up Caroline made a mess and slapped the label of DIY over the top. Beginner mistakes are accepted, but no one likes working through dung.

If you avoid these audition fails you’ll increase your chances of becoming one of the music businesses welcomed to our stage. We can’t wait to start rehearsing and creating something great together!

We’ve laid out our expectations, what are your requirements of the people you allow into your music business?